Once SIPEI came to a close, we saw how word of what we had done spread around the world.

ndo. We were in the Central African newsletter (here), the U.S. Blog In Our Company (here), the Australian magazine Companions (here), and on the website of the Jesuits of Colombia, among others.


Over the last few weeks, the good news has kept coming. The SIPEI Vision Statement was published in the January bulletin of the Province of the Congo, so that it could get as far as possible.

Rosario Martínez told us that January 5th was the first day of school for the teachers at Liceo Javier school and Loyola school in Guatemala: “On that day, I did a presentation on what I’d experienced at SIPEI, and the Vision Statement was read. The teachers were very interested and enthusiastic about continuing to look for ways to train our students as conscious, competent, compassionate and committed individuals. The four Cs are becoming more and more central to our language and educational practice”. In Boston, Bill Kemeza also published a fantastic article in Boston College High School’s newspaper, summarizing what happened in Manresa.

But that’s not all! The website CatalunyaReligio.Cat published a very interesting interview with José Alberto Mesa on the new pedagogical model of the Jesuit schools, and the reflections that have arisen and have been worked on through SIPEI.



It’s rightly been said that “to educate is to bring the Gospel closer”.