There’s just a week left before our new discussions start. If you haven’t done it yet, grab your agenda and jot this down, so that you don’t miss any of the four opportunities you have to participate in this new adventure.

On September 12th, we’ll start our reflection on the Committed Person. It’ll only last for two days, and on the 16th it’ll be the Compassionate Person’s turn. On the 20th, it’ll be time to talk about the Competent Person, and on the 24th, we’ll start our last discussion on the Person of Conscience.

Unlike the first round of discussions we held, this time the moderator will only pose a single question, and registered users will have two days to comment and reflect on it (not registered yet? What are you waiting for?).

In order to get ready for the first of our four debates, we recommend that you take a look at the summary on the Committed Person (here).

We hope to read your answer on the Forum on the 12th!