Many of you participated in our first round of discussions from April to June on the Person of Conscience, the Competent Person, The Compassionate Person and the Committed Person. With each discussion based on a lecture and lasting for two weeks, the online Forum was the space for reflection. Now, we’re asking for your help once again: on Friday, September 12th, our second round of discussions will begin, with a new set of rules.

This time, we want to share four short discussions with you, with each only lasting two days, based on a single question. For each discussion, the moderator will pose the question to be answered, drawn from the results of our first round of discussions. We hope we can count on you to help us answer it.

On September 12th, we’ll begin with a question on the Committed Person, followed by the Compassionate Person starting on the 17th, the Competent person starting on the 25th and the Person of Conscience starting on the 25th.

It’ll be easy! Four two-day-long discussions, each with a single question. We hope to see you on the Forum starting September 12th!