In addition to the “In person” SIPEI, the Organizing Committee is pleased to offer individuals the opportunity to participate in the conference virtually – what we call the  Virtual SIPEI.

The Virtual SIPEI will allow people from all countries to be a “Participant” by joining discussions in virtual forums, making comments and contributing with ideas and proposals.  This will be made possible by accessing the papers/lectures written by the four speakers that will be available in the website when you are logged in.

How can we face the challenges we’re met with in our classrooms on a daily basis? Challenges to our methodology or personal growth, the need for innovation, for pedagogical orientation, values, etc.? We propose the Virtual SIPEI as a space to share our thoughts and concerns with others involved in education and spirituality from around the world.

In this online space, we’ll develop ideas rooted in the basic principles of ignatian pedagogy and school in general, so that we can work together to build a better school of the future.

The ideas developed in the virtual SIPEI will be passed on to our lecturers and will be used in the discussions at the In person SIPEI in Manresa.

So that virtual participation is possible, there will be four successive discussions about the four ignatian themes (separately in English and Spanish):

* The conscious person (Interiority)

* The compassionate person (Social Justice)

* The competent person (Learning)

* The committed person (Action)

The discussions will take place from March until the end May 2014.  The schedule of these discussions is:

Conscious person
George Nedumattam
March 24th
April 6th
Competent  person
Montserrat del Pozo
April 14th
April 27th
Compassionate person
Peter McVerry
May 5th
May 18th
Committed person
Joseph Carver
May 26th
June 8th


You can register on Registering allows you to access the SIPEI Intranet, participate in discussions, access documents and receive updates by e-mail. You will also be able to view talks live, via streaming