Frequently Asked Questions


1) What does SIPEI stand for?

SIPEI stands for “Seminario Internacional sobre Pedagogía y Espiritualidad Ignacianas.”  In English, this translates to ‘”International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality.”

2) What are the goals of the SIPEI?

1. To facilitate dialogue and to explore the relationship between Ignatian Spirituality and Ignatian Pedagogy.

2. To encourage and promote dialogue between contemporary pedagogy and Jesuit education.

3. To contribute to the renewal of Jesuit education within the context of our global network.

3) Can I register to come to the SIPEI in Spain?

Unfortunately no, the space is limited.  The SIPEI only allows for 70 In person members from around the world.  Members were carefully selected based on recommendations from regional education delegates.

4) Is there a way I can still participate?

Yes, we encourage you to participate in Virtual SIPEI with hundreds and hundreds of your colleagues from around the world.

5) How can I register to participate in Virtual SIPEI?

Easy!  Please visit and complete the required information.  The process is quick an easy.

6) Who is encouraged to participate in Virtual SIPEI?

Everyone!  You do not need to request or receive special permission to participate in Virtual SIPEI.  Our goal is to have as many global participants as possible!

7) What commitment is required of me as a Virtual Participant?

This is completely up to you!  You can participate simply by logging in and reading our online discussions, you can choose to make comments and engage in conversation, or you can plan to watch the SIPEI live over the Internet from November 2-8.  No time commitment is too big or too small.

8) Is there a cost to be a Virtual Participant?

No, it is completely free.

9) When does Virtual SIPEI start?

The first of four virtual discussions begins on March 24 and last for two weeks.  Remember, however, that you can join at any moment – even if virtual SIPEI has already started.  For a full schedule, please click here.

10) Is Virtual SIPEI in real-time?  Is it limited by time zones?

The In person SIPEI will be streamed live, in real time, from Manresa, Spain.  Virtual participants, however, can participate in the pre-SIPEI discussions at any time of day they choose.

11) Is there anything I need to do to prepare myself as a Virtual Participant?

No.  However, upon registering for virtual SIPEI, you will have access to the four primary papers and discussions of the seminar as they are posted.  Your participation will be more rewarding if you read these papers.  They will be presented in intervals of 3 weeks.

12) In what languages will SIPEI be conducted?

The In person SIPEI will be simultaneously translated in both Spanish and English.  All documents associated with SIPEI, as well as the website, will also be available in French.

13) Is there a way for a classroom teacher to involve his/her students in Virtual SIPEI?

Yes.  By registering as a Virtual Participant, classroom teachers can share content from the SIPEI with their students to engage in their own conversation regarding Ignatian education and Ignatian spirituality.  While SIPEI content will certainly be at an advanced level, teachers might use the SIPEI to deepen a student’s understanding of Jesuit education and of the global network they are a part of.

14) In what ways might a head of school encourage his faculty/staff to participate in Virtual SIPEI?

SIPEI has the potential to serve as valuable professional formation tool, as well as a wonderful way to engage educators in a dynamic discussion involving Ignatian Pedagogy and Ignatian Spirituality.  We feel that all educators might enjoy participating in Virtual SIPEI.  However, professionals in charge of maintaining our school’s Ignatian mission and identity might be particularly interested.

15) What is the difference between a “Participant” and a “Member”?

A “Member” is someone who is actually at the SIPEI seminar in Spain.  A “Participant” is someone who is participating virtually.

16) I have visited the SIPEI website, but I don’t understand how I can participate virtually.

You must click “join” and register on the website.  This will allow you access to the virtual participation section of the website.

17) Where did the idea of the SIPEI seminar come from?

The SIPEI is seen as a continuation of the International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education held in Boston in 2012.  It continues the call of GC35 for our education institutions to be a “universal body with universal missions” and to work collaboratively as an active global network.  SIPEI is organized by the Secretariat for Secondary and Pre-secondary education in collaboration with EDUCSI in Spain.

18) What if I have further questions about SIPEI?

Should you have further questions, please contact Lluís Ylla at