Let’s make it to 2,000!

Up to now, our virtual discussions have been a great way to get to know people, to open our discussions to the public and get our brains working. The real epicenter of  SIPEI, though, will be in November, and we hope that by then, our community of virtual participants will have grown even more.

We’ve given ourselves a new challenge: there are already 1850 registered users, and we’d like to reach 2000 in the next few weeks. In order to do so, we need your help: your words are our best advertisement. Once again, we’d like to ask you to invite anyone you think might be interested in SIPEI to register.

In order to do so, they’ll have to do the same as you did: click on http://www.sipei.org/join and sign up, so that they can follow the live broadcast via streaming of the Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality that will take place from November 2-8 in Manresa.

Will you give us a hand?


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Four days, four themes

The program of our in-person meeting is based on the same four themes that structured our virtual debates. Each theme will be linked to a driving idea, and each of the four days, a different expert will discuss their ideas on one of the following topics:

-THE CONSCIOUS PERSON (Interiority): interiority, Christian and Ignatian spirituality. An answer to the search for meaning and transcendence.
-THE COMPETENT PERSON (Learning): towards a new understanding of learning as key to human development.

-THE COMPASSIONATE PERSON (Social justice): from conscience to compassion in the framework of justice and global citizenship.

-THE COMMITTED PERSON (Action): a current understanding of domestic life and ecological commitment and action.

Each day of SIPEI, participants will also present experiences based on the driving ideas of each theme, and a round table with experts will take place. Finally, the individuals that participated in each theme will hold an open discussion that will also incorporate the ideas of those who wish to participate through social networks.


The countdown begins!

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Time for in-person SIPEI… via streaming!

Only 70 members will be participating directly in in-person SIPEI: this select group of experts will meet from November 2 – 8 in the Cave of Saint Ignatius in Manresa, where they will discuss the interaction between Ignatian spirituality and education sciences.

Through the use of technology, however, we hope to make this experience open to everyone. By broadcasting the meeting via streaming, people all across the world will be able to follow what’s going on in Manresa.

All users registered at www.sipei.org will be able to watch the broadcast through a link on the website. So, if you haven’t registered yet, you have all the more reason to do so now!


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Our fourth discussion comes to a close

Virtual SIPEI’s fourth and final discussion has come to a close. Once again, we would like to thank everyone who read the lectures, got involved in the subject and shared their ideas in our forum. By sharing our thoughts, we can all learn and grow. Our online discussions have done an excellent job of paving the way for the in-person SIPEI, which, as you know, will take place from November 2 – 8 in Manresa.

But even though our virtual discussions have come to a close, the time for reflection isn’t over. In the coming weeks, we’ll keep posting the conclusions reached in the discussions, which our moderators have been working hard on. We encourage you to keep checking our Facebook page and Twitter account, so that you can keep up-to-date on all SIPEI news.

But that’s not all! As you know, registered users will also be able to follow the lectures given in Manresa via streaming– if you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time!

Our virtual discussions have come to a close, but the time for reflection hasn’t!

Thanks again!

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Participate in our final discussion: the Committed Person

Our final discussion started this past Monday! In this first stage, where we immersed ourselves in the subject, the moderator for our Spanish-language debate began by quoting Joseph Carver’s lecture:

“Ignatian spirituality demands a critical awareness of the environment in our daily lives, moving us from a sense of mere stewardship of the Earth to a deeper committed covenant of membership in the order of creation. One manifestation of this deeper covenant is found in a Eucharistic Ecology that both emerges from the tradition and is imaged in Ignatian spirituality.”


With this to reflect on, it’s time to ask ourselves: is Ignatian spirituality an ecological spirituality? Is access to water a right, or a privilege for the few? What three concrete strategies could be implemented for the whole community or your institution to increase conscience and awareness, and/or reduce energy and water consumption?

Participants can answer these question in our fourth Discussion Forum. By sharing your ideas, you can help to make this virtual experience even more enriching. It’s the final opportunity to participate in virtual SIPEI: don’t let it get away!

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Our Fourth Debate Starts Today

What do we mean by committed person? Today is the start of our fourth debate: Lluís Tarín will be the moderator for the Spanish-language forum, and Lourdes Torrelles will moderate the English version.

During the first few days of introduction to the debate, we’ll work on the concept of the committed person, just like we’ve done for the compassionate person, the competent person and the conscious person.

See you on the Forum!

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Have You Read Joseph Carver’s lecture yet?

Joseph Carver’s lecture on the Committed Person is at your disposal in the Documents section. This debate will be in the spotlight from next Monday, May 26th, until June 8th, when we hold our fourth and final debate.

Registered users can log on with their username and password and get ready for the debate with the lecture and presentation available in our Documents section. If you haven’t registered yet, never fear; all you have to do is click on this link:www.sipei.org/join, and you’ll be a part of Virtual SIPEI in no time.

We start Monday!

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Good ideas from Brazil

We love getting emails like the following, from Mariângela Riséiro (Academic Director of the Colegio Antonio Vieira School in Salvador, Brasil), who tells us that, on May 19th, her school’s staff got together to participate in Virtual SIPEI. They chose to share their ideas in our discussions on “The Conscious Person” and “The Competent Person”. Here’s an excerpt from her email, which we’d like to share with you:


“It was a moment for us to make SIPEI’s proposal our own, and to delve deeper into aspects of our work as educators. We spent the evening presenting and thinking about how essential it is to keep on encouraging our collaborators and students to find a sense of community as part of the Society. We all interpret this sense of belonging in different ways and to different degrees, of course, as conscious and competent individuals.

Our SIPEI workshop has helped us to understand “The Conscious Person” and “The Competent Person” within our own context. From within our school, we’ve been able to make them our own, to make them a part of our way of teaching.

We’re looking forwards to getting together again to participate in the discussions on “The Compassionate Person” and “The Committed Person”.

We think that this is an excellent initiative on the part of the people at Colegio Antonio Vieira, and we hope other schools will be inspired by their example!



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The End of our Third Discussion

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Forum. In sharing thoughts we make ideas multiply, and by debating concepts we spawn reflection.

Today, our third Virtual SIPEI experience has come to a close, but we encourage you to go a step further and help us make our fourth discussion a success. In just a week, on May 26th, this new opportunity for everyone to participate will begin.

Meanwhile, we can all use this week to catch out breath and prepare for our upcoming discussion on the committed person.

Thanks again!


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Halfway There: Our Third Debate

We’re halfway through our third debate. Our backpack is full of ideas from the lecture by Peter McVerry, and we would like to share these reflections with others on the Forum.

With everyone’s help, we hope to trek on to Manresa, where the International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality will take place this November.

Still not a registered user? Want to participate in our 3rd discussion? Join us: registered users have access to Seminar documents as well as the Discussion Forum!


Are you still not a registered user? Want to participate in the 3rd debate? Join us: registered users can access to the documents and also the forum discussion!

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