Thank you

We’ll be quick and to the point: heartfelt thanks to all of you for your collaboration.

It’s been an intense few days, but by working together we’ve made SIPEI a success.

After all the information that’s been shared, we just have one word to offer: thanks.


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Halfway mark of the in-person SIPEI: have you logged on yet?

Today, SIPEI participants take a break from lectures in order to retrace the steps of Ignatius of Loyola in Manresa and Montserrat, a well-deserved break before they go back to the Seminar tomorrow with batteries charged.

Our online broadcasts begin again tomorrow, and we’d like to take the opportunity to say, once again, that we’d love for you to join us.

Tomorrow, the hashtag for participating in the discussion via twitter will be #SIPEI and the reflexion would be about the compassionate Person. On Friday (the last day of the Seminar) it will be the committed person.

By clicking on the “streaming” tab of our website (, registered users will be able to access the audio recordings of the lectures that have been given so far, along with the schedules for the next two days. Our work’s not over yet…

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First day: successfull

Inici Seminari 138

First day was successfull. The 77 experts meeting in Manresa –27 from Europe, 18 from South-America, 12 from North-America Europa, 9 from Asia y 5 from Oceania– had been sharing their opinions from people all around the world shared by Twitter and the Forum. Tomorrow the discussion will be about the Competent person.

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Our online broadcast starts tomorrow: join us!

The time has come: tomorrow, November 3rd, starting at 8:45 in the morning, Manresa time (UTC/GMC + 1 hour) our online broadcast of in-person SIPEI will begin.

8:45 SIPEI inauguration.

9:00 Lecture: the Person of Conscience by Father George Nedumattam, SJ.

10:00 Questions and open discussion.

10:45 Short break.

11:15 Presentation of two experiences.

12:30 Personal reflexion on key themes.

13:00 Second short break.

And at 15:00, Concentration on discussion, where the moderator will collect opinions posted on the social networks. We hope you’ll post any contributions on our Facebook page, or on Twitter with hashtag #SIPEI.

On Tuesday, November 4th, the schedule will be very similar, but the discussion will be on the Competent Person, with a lecture by Montserrat del Pozo.

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One week left!

This coming weekend, 77 participants will arrive in Manresa to participate in the in-person segment of SIPEI, the International Seminar of Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality.

On Monday, November 3rd, we will activate the online broadcast of the Seminar, because we want everyone to be able to participate in the discussion. Moderators will incorporate the commentaries posted on the SIPEI Facebook Page  as well as tweets posted under the hashtags #SIPEI on Twitter. The for each day:

Monday 11/3/14 Conscious person

Tuesday 11/4/14 Competent person

Thursday 11/6/14 Compassionate person

Friday 11/7/14 Committed person

You can also left your comments on the new Forum that will be hosted on the website, By clicking on the “Streaming” tab of our webpage ( you can check out the schedule of activities to know what will happen on each day of SIPEI. The countdown begins!


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Virtual broadcast

There are just two weeks left! On Monday, November 3rd, the broadcast via streaming of in-person SIPEI will start at 8:45 AM, Manresa time (UTC/GMT + 1 hour), so that we can all participate in the reflection process, wherever we are.

Registered users will first have to log in ( and click on the “streaming” tab ( in order to follow what goes on in Manresa. For those of you who can’t sign in to watch SIPEI live, we’ll also be posting audio recordings of all sessions in the same area of our webpage.

We hope you’ll join us

From 9 AM to 1 PM and then from 3 PM on, you’ll be able to follow everything that happens in Manresa during the four days of the Seminar. Monday, November 3rd will be dedicated to the Person of Conscience, Tuesday the 4th will be on the Competent Person, Thursday the 6th will be on the Compassionate Person, and Friday the 7th will be on the Committed Person.

At discussion time, which will take place each day at 3 PM (UTC/GMC + 1 hour), the moderator will incorporate commentaries posted on Facebook, the Forum and Twitter along with the contributions of those attending in person.

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After SIPEI, here comes PIP

Once SIPEI comes to a close, some participants will stay in Barcelona to participate in the PIP, the Pedagogical Innovation Program, which will be held in Barcelona from November 9 – 11.

The international experts that attend will be able to experience the profound educational transformation taking place in Catalonia firsthand. Through this program, we’ll get to know some of the innovative experiences taking place here; the PIP aims to be a new space for sharing and discussing ideas on education.

The General Secretary of Education, José A. Mesa, SJ, will direct the discussions on the experiences we visit. Our program will include the presentation of the Horitzó 2020 educational transformation project, undertaken by the network of Jesuit schools in Catalonia, Jesuïtes Educació. We will also visit Col·legi Montserrat school, and the Pilot experiences taking place in Infant Jesús and Clot Jesuit schools.

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Broadcast via streaming of in-person SIPEI

On Monday, November 3rd, the SIPEI streaming broadcast will begin. Once our online discussions have come to a close, it will be time to focus on the in-person SIPEI, which will take place in Manresa from November 2 – 8. During the Seminar, 70 experts will come together for a week of reflection, and any who wish to do so can watch and participate via streaming, and by commenting on Facebook and Twitter.


In order to access the online SIPEI broadcast, you must be registered: Only registered users have access to the SIPEI intranet, where they can watch SIPEI after having signed in: During the discussions, moderators will take into account the commentaries made on Facebook and via Twitter with the hashtags proposed.

Get ready, get set…


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End of our New Discussions

Well, that’s it! Today, the last of our four New Discussions has come to a close. We’ve all been able to share our ideas and delve a little deeper into SIPEI’s four main themes. We still believe that, by working together, we’ll learn even more on how we can build a global network, so if you won’t be personally attending the in-person SIPEI in Manresa from November 2-8, you don’t really have an excuse: soon, we’ll let you know how you can watch the Seminar from home via streaming. That way, you too can participate in it.

We’d like to thank everyone who answered the moderator’s questions on the Forum; thanks for doing your part in this great team effort.

Remember! Our work’s not over yet…

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The last of our New Discussions: The Person of Conscience

What initiatives should we promote in order to help educators be people of conscience? Keep in mind that educators already underwent a formation in conscience in their youth.

The moderator has already posted the question on the Forum: now it’s your turn to offer your view, along with the rest of our Virtual SIPEI companions. Log on with your username and password  by clicking on this link , and you’ll be able to access the discussion! Let’s get to work!

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