Final days for participating in the Post-SIPEI!

We’re getting feedback from all six continents; it’s the result of the work that’s being undertaken in many schools since we shared the Vision Statement, which you can read here:

One of the important aspects of post-SIPEI is reflection and debate on the series of proposals contained in the Vision Statement. Until March 30, we invite you to share your views as an individual or in the name of your team.

If you haven’t done it yet, it’s easy!

Don’t wait until March 30th!

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Sharing SIPEI

Once SIPEI came to a close, we saw how word of what we had done spread around the world.

ndo. We were in the Central African newsletter (here), the U.S. Blog In Our Company (here), the Australian magazine Companions (here), and on the website of the Jesuits of Colombia, among others.


Over the last few weeks, the good news has kept coming. The SIPEI Vision Statement was published in the January bulletin of the Province of the Congo, so that it could get as far as possible.

Rosario Martínez told us that January 5th was the first day of school for the teachers at Liceo Javier school and Loyola school in Guatemala: “On that day, I did a presentation on what I’d experienced at SIPEI, and the Vision Statement was read. The teachers were very interested and enthusiastic about continuing to look for ways to train our students as conscious, competent, compassionate and committed individuals. The four Cs are becoming more and more central to our language and educational practice”. In Boston, Bill Kemeza also published a fantastic article in Boston College High School’s newspaper, summarizing what happened in Manresa.

But that’s not all! The website CatalunyaReligio.Cat published a very interesting interview with José Alberto Mesa on the new pedagogical model of the Jesuit schools, and the reflections that have arisen and have been worked on through SIPEI.


It’s rightly been said that “to educate is to bring the Gospel closer”.


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SIPEI wishes you a Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy 2015.

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The SIPEI keeps going around the world: USA

 ‘In Our Company’ is the website of the Jesuit regions of New England and New York where Josep Petriello, one of the participants of the SIPEI, has published a summary of the events in Manresa.

“SIPEI is a new opportunity to update and renew the dialogue between two essential dimensions of the Society of Jesus and its apostolic works” explains Petriello.

So, what happened during the SIPEI keep going around the world… The full article can be accessed following this link:

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Go back to the SIPEI, keep working

If you would like to go back to some of the moments lived during the SIPEI, do not forget that you can always check the videos of all the sessions in the seminar.

First, sign in using your username and password Then, you can access the “Post SIPEI” tab, and join “Streaming”. You will find an exhaustive timetable with every session during the #SIPEI. You can click the red “watch video” to access the streaming of the event you are interested in. Once you have selected your preferred video, a new tab will open on your browser with the video of the talk.

We would also like to tell you that in the POST SIPEI section in the website, the registered users can find the vision statement and the final assessment.

Because after SIPEI, work continues….

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Facing the challenges together: the echo in Australia


In the publication ‘Companions’ of the Australian Jesuits, the SIPEI has also been central, as one of the key elements to face together the challenges that the Society of Jesus is facing.

“Educate Magis is a project that aims at helping Jesuit schools and their educators to use the current technology to be connected and to work together at a global level” can be read on their newsletter. And, in order to achieve that, the #SIPEI has been one of the tools: “The seminar gathered 70 delegates from around the world.  F. José Alberto Mesa said he wished the SIPEI would help to highlight some of the areas from which the institutions can contribute to Educate Magis”.

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The SIPEI from Colombia

“5 days of spiritual and pedagogical immersion were absolutely productive to tighten ties between countries and renew the common spirit that the vocation of educators in Jesuit Works has” can be read on the Society of Jesus in Colombia website. This is a piece of news on their website to explain what happened during the SIPEI, an event in the heart of Manresa but with ramifications around the world.

The full article is available on this link:


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“The SIPEI leaves us standing to keep walking”

 These days have been really intense: after the SIPEI and the days of PIP, the Catalan adventure has come to an end for the 70 experts who participated face-to-face and for the 4,000 who have virtually followed the International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality (SIPEI).

This is not the end of the path, though. As José Alberto Mesa, SJ, mentioned during the final toast: “The SIPEI leaves us standing to keep walking”. And now the work of each and every educative centre in the Society of Jesus begins.

To smooth your way back home, we remind you that everything that happened during the SIPEI is available: in the ‘Streaming’ tab –accessible for the registered users- the videos of the events in Manresa can be found. Throughout the following weeks, the first conclusions will also be uploaded in the files section.

We have to keep on walking…


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A virtual success

The streaming made possible that over 4,000 people virtually followed the events in Manresa. It also enabled them to follow the presentations and reflections live throughout the four days.

Also during the face-to-face SIPEI the facebook page got over the 1,000 followers line. The continuous updates facilitated that over 22,000 users of this social network received news on what was happening in Manresa.

Meanwhile, the twitter hashtag #SIPEI (suggested in order to follow the seminar) was used over 1,000 times. On top of that, the comments on the forum helped the discussion to spread even more, virtually.

This data confirms that not only the 70 international experts in Manresa took part in the discussion: people from all over the world turned it into an even more global pedagogical experience.


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Getting to know Pedagogical Innovation Programmes

The Pedagogical Innovation Programme (PIP) that will be held in Barcelona for two days (until the 11th of November) is already in progress.

Many participants of the SIPEI have taken advantage of the trip to discover first-hand this process of educative deep transformation taking place in Catalonia; a programme to get to know some innovation experiences.

The Secretary General for Education José A. Mesa, SJ, leads the discussions on the experiences that will be visited. The programme includes the presentation of the educative transformation project Horitzó 2020 –developed by the network of Jesuit schools in Barcelona, Jesuïtes Educació. Moreover, the school Montserrat and the pilot experiences in the Jesuit schools Infant Jesús and Clot will be visited.

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