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Halfway mark of the in-person SIPEI: have you logged on yet?

Today, SIPEI participants take a break from lectures in order to retrace the steps of Ignatius of Loyola in Manresa and Montserrat, a well-deserved break before they go back to the Seminar tomorrow with batteries charged.

Our online broadcasts begin again tomorrow, and we’d like to take the opportunity to say, once again, that we’d love for you to join us.

Tomorrow, the hashtag for participating in the discussion via twitter will be #SIPEI and the reflexion would be about the compassionate Person. On Friday (the last day of the Seminar) it will be the committed person.

By clicking on the “streaming” tab of our website (, registered users will be able to access the audio recordings of the lectures that have been given so far, along with the schedules for the next two days. Our work’s not over yet…

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In September… new discussions!

Do you know what a “spoiler” is? It’s when someone tells you how a movie ends before you get to see it for yourself! We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we have good news, and we want to let you in on it: we’re preparing a series of  new discussions for September, a new addition to our preparations for SIPEI 2014. We’re still working on them, but we hope to have more details soon. In the meanwhile, get ready for September… We’ll need your ideas!


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There are 1,000 of us already!

Thanks to all of you who have registered to participate in virtual SIPEI. We’re very pleased to announce that more than 1,100 of us have already signed up at

But that’s not all! On Facebook, we already have 200 likes, and we’re about to pass that threshold on Twitter as well!

We feel that all of this shows that our first discussion has been a success. Now we want to keep on growing for our second, third and fourth discussions. We also hope that all of you will follow the in-person SIPEI live, over the Internet from November 2 – 8, and that you’ll help us spread the word about Virtual SIPEI!


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