SIPEI is the International Seminar on Ignatian Pedagogy and Spirituality (Seminario Internacional sobre Pedagogía y Espiritualidad Ignaciana in Spanish). It’s organized by the Secretariat for Education-Society of Jesus, as a continuation of the International Colloquium (ICJSE) held in Boston during the Summer of 2012.

This international seminar, which will be held in the Cave of St. Ignatius in Manresa (Barcelona, Spain), is conceived as a space on the border, where participants will discuss and discern in order to find new points of collaboration between Ignatian Spirituality and Ignatian Pedagogy.

Ignatian Pedagogy is conceived as a social space where the fusion between Ignatian spirituality and the educational task can be made a reality. It’s a field laboratory where evangelization and the mission of the Society can be combined with the educational task, praxis and pedagogical innovation.

The 70 individuals invited to participate in person (SIPEI members) will be appointed experts for the various regions in which the Society of Jesus carries out its educational work.

You can also sign up to participate in SIPEI virtually and watch the Seminar broadcast live from Manresa over the Internet.